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How to use Blocksite Extension to Block Malware Websites?

How to use Blocksite extension to block malware websites

Are you tired of getting distracted while working and procrastinating on your tasks? Well, you must keep reading then. People get ready to work every day, sit on their computers, but then end up scrolling and wasting their time. Moreover, even the reports show how over 20% of people procrastinate their tasks. However, the reason is getting distracted. Although you might get distracted by even a simple text or an Instagram notification, the more significant reason appears to be the malware websites and pop-up advertisements. Don’t they know just the thing to take your mind off of your work? However, they do more than just that, and we are here to put a stop to it. Therefore, take our advice and start using the free and vital Blocksite.

If you think that they are limited to just distracting you, then you’re wrong. To be honest, distraction is the least of your problems. Since these undesired websites have malware to the point that they could harm your system and add to your concerns, you must get rid of them the easy way. Thus, we are here for you with a quality and free solution. Install the Blocksite Extension to your computer for free and complete your task without distraction.

Moreover, it will automatically block and remove any malware and unwanted websites from your search results and protect you from viruses. Apart from that, you can block multiple websites together to save time and get your work completed. Following this, you must be wondering how to use the block site extension to block malware, malicious, or undesired websites?

Thus, we are here to provide you with simple steps to install and use the Blocksite Extension to remove and block all the harmful websites from your search results automatically. Moreover, once you install this extension, you can block any website you choose to be free of. However, you can block multiple websites together and be stress-free. Hence, let’s start talking about the simple steps to use the Blocksite Extension.



You can install block site extension to your Chromebooks, macOS, Windows, and Computers. Moreover, you need either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser to install the blocksite extension. Furthermore, you can find this user-friendly tool on the official Google Chrome web store and install it. Click here to install the block site extension for free. Apart from that, click on “ADD TO CHROME” and then “ADD EXTENSION” to download the extension to your system.

Now, please pin this essential extension to your browser’s toolbar. However, if you don’t see the blocksite extension icon there, click on the puzzle icon in the top right corner of your browser. Thus, you will notice the extension icon there, and you can pin it from there.

If you want to click one website at a time, you can do so easily with this extension. Henceforth, go to the website you want to block and remove from your google search results. Further, do a “right-click” anywhere on the website page, and a content menu will dropdown. Finally, click on the “BLOCK THIS SITE” option, which will automatically block and remove that website from your search engine.

To block multiple websites using the blocksite extension, click on the block site extension icon you pinned earlier. Next, click on the “DASHBOARD” option from the appeared drop-down. Now, go to the menu on the left side and click on the “LOAD SITES” option. Therefore, a text area will appear on the screen to paste all the URLs that you want to block and remove. Moreover, please remember to enter each URL in separate lines. Furthermore, click on the “LOAD” button at the bottom of the text box, and it will block all the websites.