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How to Temporarily Block Websites for Study

How to Temporarily Block Websites for Study

Procrastination is the one thing that everyone can do without any distraction, right? It’s not very shocking to sit at your computer for work and then find out after 2 hours that you’ve been indulging in youtube videos since then. Moreover, all the distracting websites come with the internet, where everyone likes to waste their time. Therefore, it’s needless to say that distractions have become very easy and too tempting for people to push away. However, just as there are so many distracting websites, there are helpful websites that can prevent you from wasting your time on unwanted websites. Thus, to increase your productivity and reduce your procrastination rate, we have developed a website blocker that can block websites for studying. Its name is Block site. Hence, you can install Block Site and block websites for studying. 

Furthermore, this tool was created to make things easier for users. All dangerous websites you want to remove from your search results are blocked by block site. Moreover, the Block site is a free and simple-to-use extension. In other words, BlockSite prevents all hazardous and undesired websites from appearing in your search results by blocking and removing them. As a result, once those undesirable websites are blocked, you will no longer be disturbed by them. In addition to this, distracting websites cause users to lose focus. As a result, blocksite can help you boost your productivity. The Block Site extension is a lifesaver since it protects your system from websites that may have viruses that could destroy your computer. Moreover, install the block site extension to block websites for studying and increase your success rate.


Please remember that you require Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to install this extension. Moreover, this extension supports Windows, Chromebooks, macOS, Laptops, and PCs. Additionally, this extension is straightforward to install and boost your productivity without wasting your time and effort.


  • Firstly, begin with searching for the block site extension on the official Chrome web store. Moreover, you can get the extension for free by clicking here right now.
  • Further, you must click on “ADD TO CHROME” once you find it. 
  • Next, a small pop-up will arrive, where you need to click on “ADD EXTENSION.”
  • The extension will easily be installed then.


  • Firstly, you need to install the block site extension using the above instructions.
  • Next, pin the extension icon. After installing the extension, an extension icon will appear in your toolbar next to the address bar. Therefore, you need to pin it. Moreover, if you don’t see the extension icon there, click on the puzzle icon in the browser’s top-right corner and then pin the extension icon.
  • If you are going to block a single website at a time, then visit the website you want to block and do a right-click anywhere on that page. Now a context menu will open. The menu will have a “BLOCK THIS SITE” option. Hit on that option to block that website and stay protected from that distracting website.


  • You must click on the extension icon in your toolbar.
  • Then click on “DASHBOARD” to reach the extension’s dashboard.
  • Go to the left side menu and click on the “LOAD SITES” option.
  • Thereafter, a text area will arrive once you click on “LOAD SITES,” where you must paste all the websites you want to block for studying. Moreover, ensure to enter all URLs in individual lines.
  • Finally, click on the button named ” LOAD ” at the bottom of the text box. Now you know how to block multiple websites for studying.