Block Site


is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Install Blocksite To Block Malware Websites

This extension is specially made to make things easier for the users. The tool blocks all the malicious websites you want to remove from your search results. Block site is a free tool that is very easy to use. In other words, BlockSite blocks and removes all the harmful and unwanted websites to appear from your search results. Therefore, you will not be bothered by those inappropriate websites anymore once blocked.
Furthermore, people tend to lose their focus because of distracting websites. Therefore, blocksite also helps to increase your productivity rate. Block site extension is a lifesaver because it protects your system from websites that may harm your computer with viruses. Hence, there are multiple reasons to use this chrome extension. However, Blocksite also saves your time and effort since it does all the work for you. Moreover, you can also block multiple sites at once with the Block Site extension.

Install Blocksite To Block Malware Websites

How To Install BlockSite Extension?

It’s pretty easy to install this extension. Moreover, please note that you need Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to install this extension. Also, it is compatible with Chromebooks, macOS, Windows, and Computers. Therefore, follow these simple steps and install the block site chrome extension quickly –
  • Click here to reach the official chrome web store where the block site extension exists.
  • Select the “ADD EXTENSION” option, and the extension will be installed in your system.



Now that you have installed the blocksite extension, let’s learn how to efficiently use this helpful tool and get more focused on our work even while being online.

How To Block Multiple Websites at Once?

Features Of Block Site Extension

Features Of Block Site Extension

Blocksite effectively blocks any website that you want to remove. However, it works in a way that these malicious and unwanted websites will stop appearing on your search engine and will protect your system from any harm.

This is the best internet filter out there which is free, unlike the other site-blocking tools. Therefore, you just need to install and start using it. Hence it’s free of cost, so you don’t have to invest even a dime in using this efficiently.

Block site cleans up your search results thoroughly by filtering out the subdomains of the websites you block. So, once you block a website, all of its pages will also disappear. Therefore, it makes your work easier by doing it effectively and thoroughly.

If you have a dump full of harmful websites that you want to block from everywhere at once, you can do that too. Yes, the Blocksite extension provides you two methods of blocking sites. Therefore, you can block one website at a time and multiple websites together at once.

You can also create a white list with the Block site extension. Moreover, a white list contains all the websites you don’t want to block. Hence, once you add a website to your white list, the blocking settings will no longer apply to those links.

You can put a strong password on the options page and protect your data. Hence, no one else can access what you have blocked or unblocked. Therefore, your data is entirely safe.

Like blocking multiple websites, you can also unblock numerous sites together. Therefore, if you decide to unblock any site, you can do that with BlockSite.

There is no hassle in using this tool. Therefore, all you have to do is install and start using it. So, you are not required to pay anything or sign up for anything. Plus, the Block site doesn’t collect any data of yours. Hence, everything you block or unblock remains private and safe.

Reasons To Use Block Site Over Other Internet Filters


A website blocker filters the internet for you for free. Therefore, it blocks any website that you find inappropriate and wish to remove from appearing in your search results. Plus, it’s free of cost.

Well, Blocksite is a website blocker that is entirely safe to use. Since it doesn’t acquire any of your data and keeps your data settings private. Therefore, only you control what you block or unblock through block site extension.

Yes, you can block numerous websites at once. It’s pretty simple to block multiple websites with the Blocksite. Once you install the block site extension to your system, you will block various websites at once.

You can install blocksite only on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.