How to Block a Website on Safari for Mac Device?

Block a Website on Safari for Mac DeviceHow do I block a website? Well, if you happen to use Mac and you usually browse the internet with the Safari then of course it must not be difficult to do on how to block a website on Safari. As we all know, there are many reasons why people want to block some certain kinds of website. Some of them might not like the website at all; some of them think the website may contain some kinds of unwanted information or something like that. So, how do you block a website?

Here are some steps that you might have to follow in order to have the unwanted site or website blocked from your Safari. Follow the guidance in order to help you answer the question on how do you block a website.

  • As you have your Mac Devices on, you might want to go directly to the “utilities” option. It will give you some accesses and guide you to the tool where you will use to have the website that you do not want be blocked.
  • Next step is to have some back up first before you do some kinds of change on your devices. In this case, you can make a new copy of the current hosts. This is important to consider about in case you make a mistake on the way so you can always use the original one. How to do it? Well all you have to do is to type these down such as: “sudo[slash]bin[slash]cp[slash]etc[slash]hosts[slash]etc[slash]hosts-original” (change [slash] with “/”), which is located on the line of command and don’t forget to press enter.
  • After that. You can open the hosts file by typing these down: “sudo nano[slash]etc[slash]hosts” (change [slash] with “/”), then press Enter in order to open the hosts file to another window. Then scroll down to the bottom and at the final line you will find some kind of phrase like “localhost”
  • Type the kind of website that you want to block as one of the steps on how to block a website on safari for Mac device. In a space, write the URL of that website. For example if you are going to block facebook then how do I block a website? Well, you are going to write the link on the space, just like the one on the previous line all you have to do is to change the word localhost with the website you want to block. In the other words, you do not need to enter the link with the Http:// or something like that.
  • Save file. After done with the changing of course the next thing that you supposed to do is to save it. Well, here you can press the Control+LETTER O on the keypad in order to save file. After that you can close the window down. However, this is not the end of the steps yet, still you need to do one more steps which is the following step.
  • Flush the DNS. In order to take effect, the setting should be flushed by your cash. All you have to do is to type this down: “sudo dscacheutil [dush] flushcache” (Change [dush] with “-“), then don’t forget to press enter key. This of course will make the change you made take effect to the system. So once you done this the next thing you do is to restart your devices.

In conclusion, how to block a website on safari for Mac device should not be that difficult to do. Just like the kind of steps written in this article, will definitely help you answering the question on how do you block a website or how do I block a website. Just be sure to follow every single step above.

How to Block Porn Sites on Your Computer

How to Block Porn SitesThese are the steps on how to block porn sites on your computer. There are lots of porn sites developed from many different countries in the whole world. The kind of keywords used also varied; the even use the regular words to trick us until we opened it and there we finally realize it is a porn site. Well, we might not be able to have them all blocked but at least we try our best to block some, that we believed it is the porn sites. Here are the steps that will guide you to have those porn sites blocked from your computer.

  • First, make sure to list the kind of porn sites that you have already known. You might ask some of your friends who likes to visit the porn sites or you can simply just browse it on the internet about the most visited porn sites. In this case, you need to copy the link or the address of the website to help you blocked it later on.
  • Second, go to your system. In this case, have your laptops or computer checked, whether you have the system on the Drive C or on the Drive D. no mater wherever it is just make sure to go to these following steps C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc.
  • There are some options there, just double click on the Hosts. It will show you a pop-up says you need to choose the program to open the file. Just have Notepad to help you open the file. Actually, this is to help you easier on putting the link of the website you want to have them blocked.
  • With the notepad on the display of your laptop or your computer, scroll it down to the bottom. There you will find the black space but before the blank space you might have found these # localhost and the #::1 Localhost but don’t pay attention to that, because it is only the example.
  • The things that you should do are to open up the list of the porn sites that you have list as the first step on how to block porn sites. It could be ten, hundreds, or even thousands since there are many porn sites available that developed by people from all over the world.
  • Copy those links and paste it on the notepad that is still open with the prompt that you have earlier. Make sure to paste it on the blank space on the bottom of the notepad. However, before you have it pasted, you ought to add this # before the link. Then hit enter to repeat the same ways if you have more than one of porn sites that you want to block.
  • Don’t forget to have notepad closed but before that you need to save the change first, by click on the File tab right on the top left of the notepad. There you will be given some choice and you can choose save, or you might as well simply press the control-and-S Letter at the same time to save the changes.

This is one of the ways on how to block porn sites via computer, it might take some of your times and energy but it is worth it. Anyway, there are also some other kinds of ways that you can do, in order to have those porn sites blocked and can never be able to be accessed through your computer. They are some software. Of course, some of these are the commercial software. Using this kind of software would definitely help you blocked any kind of websites that have potential with the porn contain.

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How to Block a Website on Windows 7

How to Block Website on Windows 7This is a trick on how to block a website on Windows 7. Before taking the action to block any website, you have to have some strong reason to do so.  As now technology has been well-developed, there are many websites have also been developed, some of them may contain inappropriate things for kids or spam with lots of pictures, videos, or even the link that might contain virus. In this case, you can have those inappropriate websites Blocked right away. The question is that, how to block website? Well, you can block the website through the windows program that has been installed in your laptop that happens to be windows 7. Next are the steps to guide you on blocking website through Windows 7. Continue reading “How to Block a Website on Windows 7”